French Tech Company focused on improving low levels of medical resources and health outcomes in East Africa through

leveraging technology and established local companies has

launched its operations in East Africa.

Tech Care For All (TC4A), a social impact company working towards improving healthcare in Africa and Asia, seeks to transform Kenya’s health sector. The company which is registered in Belgium has over the last months entered the Indian and the West African markets, and only settled in Nairobi after raising Sh250 million for its global business. The firm which focuses on levels of medical resources and health outcomes has a business


model for medical consulting assistance through unique data reporting and aggregation.

TC4A’s global CEO and founder Emmanuel Blin told Health Kenya that the firm is focused on accelerating Universal Health Coverage through espousing digital health technologies.

He also said that the organisation was attracted to Kenya due to the local highly innovative companies and government backing.

“Kenya became a potential stronghold for TC4A after the President laid emphasis on the Big Four Agenda  allocating  a huge amount of about Sh.400 billion in this fiscal year. This agenda clearly had universal health coverage as the main priority. Kenya also happens to have an enormous digital health ecosystem.” Blin noted.

Blin said the company is a global player focused  on changing healthcare and delivering social and economic results through direct and indirect job creation in the local market.

“From data collection, to diagnosis and treatment, Tech Care for all will drive improvements in the health sector through the help of technology to lower the massive toll of early deaths resulting from the lack of basic and timely healthcare,” Blin said. The firm is expected to scale up tech solutions relevant to the health sector, said Dr. Benson Chuma, the inaugural East Africa CEO, appointed to oversee the region’s operations.

Chuma noted that health care in East Africa is


in dire need for quality operations. The health economist also said that TC4A aims at training doctors and other healthcare providers.

“We look forward to partnering with promising tech companies and health entities to ensure health providers get proper training to make informed decisions. TC4A will bring onboard telemedicine survives that will connect patients with doctors for quick and absolute diagnosis,” Chuma said.

TC4A, Chuma added, will offer sustainable services that will impact locals positively.

The firm has revealed comprehensive digital products that will address urgent needs faced by developing countries in Africa. With the key drive of being a major contributor to the universal healthcare, TC4A now marries technology with health ecosystems using data for health financing and service delivery.

Telemedicine, telediagnosis and Medical Learning Marketplace which is a worldwide medical platform connecting nurses and doctor to their expert colleagues are just some of the major products that have been launched. The products  are  expected to boost healthcare access and make it more affordable to the less privileged locals.

TC4A is partnering  with  several  IT  Companies in Kenya,  with  Savannah  Informatics  being  a key player. This according to Chuma is because Savanna brings unique capabilities and has a high- tech eHealth Software that will come in handy in the execution of TC4A’s projects across the East African community. TC4A is expected to build a digital health technology portfolio to transform the health industry sustainably.



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